][  patched net-tools - netfilter support

About original:
The net-tools package contains a collection of programs that form the base set of the NET-3 networking distribution for the Linux operating system. It contains the important tools for controlling the network subsystem of the Linux kernel including arp, hostname, ifconfig, netstat, rarp and route.

Philip Blundell <philb (at) gnu (dot) org>


About patch:
The net-tools package does not support netfilter, 'netstat -M' does not work with iptables. Patched version of 'netstat' has new option '-T', which displays connections tracked by netfilter.
Version 1.61: fixed compile problems in gcc 3.4, fixed mii_tool (patch from http://www.linuxfromscratch.org)

Patched by:
Martin Arnost <martin (at) kaiser (dot) cz>

Patched net-tools v1.61 with netfilter support (gcc 3.4) http://ftp.kaiser.cz/linux/net-tools/net-tools-1.61.tar.gz
Patched net-tools v1.60 with netfilter support http://ftp.kaiser.cz/linux/net-tools/net-tools-1.60-netfilter.tar.gz
Original source codes of net-tools v1.60 http://ftp.kaiser.cz/linux/net-tools/net-tools-1.60.tar.gz
Diff between v1.60-netfilter and v1.61 http://ftp.kaiser.cz/linux/net-tools/diff-1.60-netfilter-to-1.61
Diff between original and patched files http://ftp.kaiser.cz/linux/net-tools/diff-1.60-to-1.60-netfilter
Slackware packages: http://ftp.kaiser.cz/linux/net-tools/slackpkg